5 Reasons Why You NEED A Wedding Stylist

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Today sees the return of our 5 Top Tip series, we have had some lovely ones in the past.  Today it is Katie from ‘The Vintage House That Could’ turn.  We bonded over a blog post where I suggested other things you could be doing the day before your wedding instead of blowing up balloons.  Katie said she had a similar blog.  Hers is more eloquent.

The blog is below – and the timing couldn’t be more fortuitous, she has just launched her brand new website… Make sure you check it out.



//So what do you do for a living again??

This is a question I get asked all the time, “Oh your a wedding stylist, thats nice! What exactly does that entail then?”

We got married in 2014 and to be honest I did’t even know that stylists existed. As I was planning to do all of the decor myself I never looked into it. I really wish I had!

5 Reasons why you should….

1. Clarity of Ideas

Can you imagine a world without Pinterest? Wedding blogs? Instagram? Noooooooo!!!!!! Such amazing resources but it can become a double edged sword. Its mind-blowing and just when you think you have narrowed down your ideas to your ‘dream wedding’ another image appears and turns your head. Are you fickle? Me too!!! It can be daunting having so much choice and a stylist is there to help. I obviously work with couples to ensure that they are getting something that they both want but sometimes when they are really stuck I will come up with a scheme for them. Having that worry and decision taken out of your hands can be a massive relief. I love nothing more than to pin an entire wedding scheme and send it off to my couples to see if our vision matches up.

2. Saving Money

This might sound like I am talking rubbish!! After all I am selling a service and you have to pay for it. But, I know so many couples that have opted for the DIY wedding and then spent a fortune on decorations, table centrepieces and hiring out props etc. This can be fantastic and exactly what we did but after the wedding is over they are then saddled with a mountain of stuff and the prospect of a huge Ebay session. A wedding stylist can offer you the option of using all of their props and styling knowledge and usually for a one off fee. I will usually arrive the day before the wedding and set everything up and then return the following day like a little fairy and take it all away again!! Or you could become a wedding stylist and put all the unwanted props to good use!!!


“The trouble is you think you have time” – Buddha

He was a wise man wasn’t he?! When you start planning a wedding its usually with about a year to go and you think you have all the time in the world. Fast forward a few months, maybe add in Christmas, maybe a holiday, a hen do and then here we are with 2 months to go and 100 metres of bunting to make. Oh Sorry I am thinking about my wedding! But seriously the time it takes to research ideas, contact people, wait for replies from said people, source props, make props and then dress the venue could be passed onto someone else. Someone who you trust will make your day as beautiful as you have imagined. Someone who has TIME.

4. We know stuff!

Hours and hours of researching, scanning, connecting with others and stalking wedding related things means that we are on the ball! We know where you can get those perfect wooden chairs and exactly how to hang 150 paper balls from the ceiling with fishing wire  because we have seen it and pinned it and are armed and ready to use it! Weddings are our life so use us. I will never guarantee that my ideas are 100% unique, with weddings happening every single day around the globe it would be a hard job to come up with something that has never been done before but we will try and providing you and your guests have a good time who really cares?

5. Sanity

Whilst crying into my tissue paper balls on the eve of my wedding I wished there was someone else who could be doing it for me! I talk to couples who say “Oh my mum is doing all the decorating for me” Well, I had so many lovely people who helped me leading up to the wedding but it also felt unfair to be putting pressure on people who should also be enjoying the celebration too. I decided there and then that I would try and help others and in turn create a business where I could use my creative talents. Weddings are flipping weird. Everyone wants a piece of the action and everyone has an opinion. However, its your day and you need to have what you want – always. Stresses will be high because you are desperate for it to be perfect. I’ll tell you now, there is no such thing as perfection but there is a thing called HAPPY and when you are happy I am happy.

Now go out there and find yourself a wedding stylist and leave all the hard work to us. xxx

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