5 Top Tips for choosing your perfect wedding cake

All right, Gorgeous?

Today we are delighted to share with you some fabulous tips from Dominique at Poppy Pickering.  It’s no accident that in 2 short years Poppy Pickering has a huge following on all the social media channels – their work is incredible.  In fact, we LOVE these cake so much we asked Dominique to join us on our Winter Wedding styled shoot at Hipping Hall.  I can confirm, that not only is she very talented, but she is a really lovely person too.

So, here are your top tips for choosing a wedding cake…


Taste samples

Always meet your cake designer to try some of their cake flavours. They should offer cake consultations and these are a great opportunity to discuss your wedding cake design and also try out some delicious samples of cake.

 Poppy Pickering cake tests

Think about the weather

If you are having a wedding during the summer months you might need to consider the weather…. If we get warm days and you are looking for a rustic iced buttercream cake or naked cake then these might have issues with drying out quickly or melting! You might then need to consider going for an iced cake. Also in marquees you can have issues with wasps as they love the sugar!

 Christmas Lights and cake


Think about how you wish to decorate your cake and if you wish to use the skills of your cake designer to make the sugar flowers or whether you wish to use fresh flowers. Sugar flowers are very time consuming to make and hence will cost much more than fresh. Both can look equally beautiful though.

 Little wedding cakes

Real verses dummy

If you are wishing to have the beauty of a tall and impressive wedding cake but don’t have hundreds of guests to eat the cake maybe you can consider having a mix of real cake tiers and fake dummy tiers. This way you won’t be left with excess cake but will have a showstopper wedding cake that will get all your guests talking! Dummy tiers will still involve cost though but not as much as having extra real cake tiers.

 Wedding cake


Think about how you wish to display your wedding cake. It is a shame if you have spent money on getting a beautiful cake designed and created for it then to be positioned at the edge of the room on a small table and tarnished cake stand. Ask to see your venues cake stand to see if it isn’t damaged or tarnished. Many cake designers offer you the opportunity to hire their cake stands and also think about how to dress the cake table with fresh flowers, tea lights, props etc.

 Spring wedding cakes

I hope these help, and should you be inspired to book a consultation you can contact them just here. 

And don’t forget you will find more ‘top tips‘ in our blog.


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