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Hello future brides and grooms to be!

Today we are looking at how to come up with a ‘wedding theme’ that is true to you as a couple.  Throughout your planning you will no doubt be asked by your suppliers ‘What’s your theme?’ and for some of you this will send you into panic mode.  But fear not, it’s really not as hard as it sounds to find a ‘theme’ that suits you.  Firstly, you need to realise we don’t mean that your wedding will be like a themed work party.  What suppliers really mean is ‘What feel are you going for’.  Not many of us have a desire to recreate a fully blown Peter Rabbit wedding, complete with bunny suits, but we might be able to help you channel your inner desire for a woodland style wedding with the odd reference to Beatrix Potter and her band of merry animals.  Even if you are not inspired by one idea in particular you will no doubt have strong feelings about what you do and don’t like, and this is a great place to start.

My main piece of advice for you to look to what you already have, know and love.  Look around your home at your style, visit the stores you love and the bars, restaurants, museums you know make you tingle.  Get inspired by it all and PIN, scrapbook, save on your phone.  Whatever your method make sure you have a visual representation of everything you love.  Don’t be afraid, add what you want,  and don’t feel that at this early stage you need things to ‘gel’, or that there’s nothing ‘weddingy’ saved.  That will come.  For now you are looking for ideas that will be translated by your suppliers into your wedding dream.

Personally I love a good Pinterest board – and the method I’m describing is the one we use for styled shoots.  We save everything that appeals, no matter what it is, and then, when we have found a venue we can start to narrow it down.  On a Pinterest board you will see the things that immediately stick out as not fitting in. Don’t bin them off totally – just pop them on a different board, they may come in use for your home projects or future celebrations.  Try to stick to the style of the venue, rustic woodland doesn’t really fit into a grand ballroom, likewise you’re unlikely to want a classic and elegant wedding a warehouse wedding is unlikely to be your choice.  Be ruthless with your editing of your Pinterest board, a few strong ideas (no more than say 3) would be easier for your suppliers to understand and for you to find the right suppliers for.  For example, this board became our 1970’s disco shoot and our French elopement shoot. There was no way the two styles would bond for one wedding, so we opted to show how different a venue could look given two completely different briefs.  The shoots really show just how amazing a good team can be at creating your personal wedding.

Once you have begun to get an idea of what style you might like you can start to look at the details.  Now’s the time to start to research suppliers and see what is readily available.  Unless you have a large budget be prepared that not everything will be available and you may need to be flexible.  Think about the items that will take up the most space – probably your table and chairs and see what style suits.  Rustic benches? Gold wire chairs, ghost chairs or a mix and match approach?  To table cloth or not? Do you want traditional white or maybe something totally different like a jewelled velvet or maybe no table cloths at all.  These two elements are often over looked, but they are the back bone of a good overall design.

Ask your suppliers advice.  They will have helped many couples decide and refine their choices to create a stunning wedding.  They know what elements make an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ wedding without it looking like a 4 year olds tea party. They know to use elements of a design to avoid a pastiche and present the wedding of your dreams.  And then it helps to stick to your plans! It can be tempting to be swayed by all the shiny and bright new ideas, but unless it enhances your theme, try to remember less is more.  Unless you are a ‘more is more’ person, then you have full permission to add it all.

Whatever you choose to do, choose to be you.


Jamie and Katies beautiful wedding was captured by Eriin Browne

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