What to do when planning a wedding//The Early Stages//


You did it.  You’re engaged and we couldn’t be happier for you.  Welcome to the wonderful wedding world, you lucky person! You are about to enter the craziest, most beautiful and inspiring world, but you’re probably wondering where on earth to start.  Well, fear not, Cinders, your fair godmother is here with a few answers.

First things first – I am going to assume you have told every single person your good news.  But, if you haven’t, make sure you at least tell those important folks in your life, because no one wants to hear the news that their niece got engaged from the chap at the local corner shop.  I’m not going to lie, weddings can cause friction, so it’s often best to start with the best intentions and avoid early rumblings from distant relatives.  You could just not bother to tell them, but general advice is to let people know, they will be made up for you, I am sure.

Once all the gushing and ring-selfies are out of the way it is time to get down to some serious planning.  Sharpen those pencils, dig our that Paperchase book you bought because it was beautiful but you never used, and get chatting with your partner about the kind of wedding you both envisage.  You have probably already had the odd discussion, but it helps to get in mind the sort of thing you want at an early stage so you know just what you are aiming for.

Things to consider might be – the time of year you want your wedding – a cosy winter wedding with roaring log fire and millions of fairy lights or a outdoor summer Ibiza style party?  Maybe you don’t mind what time of year, but know that you want to get married as soon as possible, or you want to save as much as you can so it will be a couple of years away.  In the beginning it really helps to discuss these thoughts so you can both make sure you are celebrating with the kind of wedding you want.

Whilst you’re thinking about the type of wedding and the season, have a quick count up of guests.  Decide whether your parents or other family members are contributing – some may have been saving since the moment you were born, whilst some of you will prefer to finance your own wedding so you get complete control over what happens.  Either way, chat to your partner about what you realistically expect to spend on your day.  You can get married for just the price of the Registrar, or you can go all out for your once in a lifetime day.  We have done weddings of all shapes and sizes, there is no right or wrong as long as both of your are happy.

Once you have some ideas under your belt choose some dates and then pick some venues you would like to look at.  You will need some flexibility over dates and possibly venues, so don’t get too fixed on one particular idea, some places can be booked up at least three years in advance on popular dates, as can the best suppliers. You will find the right venue and date combo and then it’s all systems go!

Next you want to book your suppliers.  Hopefully, whilst you have been doing the rounds of venues you will have been chatting to them about preferred suppliers.  You will have asked your friends who have got married and joined a gazillion Facebook Groups.  You will have read alllll the blogs and scoured Pinterest and Instagram for all the best ideas and suppliers.  I know you will have done because getting married becomes an obsession and every spare moment is spent immersed in planning your wedding.  So, get that photographer, make up artist, lighting specialist and cake maker booked in.  Failing that, book a wedding planner and let them take all the stress away.  I can’t recommend this option enough, the best wedding planners really are worth their weight in gold.

Lastly – have fun.  Your wedding isn’t meant to cause you upset and stress, it is meant to be a celebration of the one you love.  Keep organised and calm, make sure you have plenty of gin on hand for those nights spent scouring the internet.  Take time to listen to what your partner wants and make sure you stay true to your idea of your perfect day.


Happy planning,




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