“How did it all begin?”

You wouldn’t be the first person to ask.  Truth be told, it was a collaborative idea, between us, and a friend, who suggested we put lights into some small letters we were making at the time.  6 foot LOVE letters were the first in our collection: We were hooked, and so was the wedding world. It soon became apparent we would need a workshop to carry on creating – huge letters and 4 kids no longer fit into the house.  The collection now boasts a whole alphabet plus lighting such as festoons, fairy lights and Edison chandeliers.

Over the past 3 summers we have been lucky enough to supply lighting for over 700 events.  From small dinner parties to full weekend weddings, including celebrity weddings, christenings and even photo shoots for Hello! magazine. But despite the numbers, we still wake up every day with a desire to make your day the best it can be.


‘We’ are Megan and Darren, and along with our two eldest boys, Callum and Liam, run our business from Lancaster in the North West.  3 words to describe ourselves – 1.Creative, 2.Passionate, 3.Dedicated, 4. a bit bonkers. And 5. not ones for rules.  When not spreading the love at weddings, we can be found with our little ones – Rory and Farrah – at the Seaside, or eating ice-cream. Even then you will find us scribbling on napkins and discussing lighting ideas. We didn’t know we were this passionate about lighting and weddings, but it seems we are.   We look forward to working with you. Megan and Darren xx


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