Hello gorgeous ones, I hope you are all well and enjoyed your Easter break?

A short while ago we were asked to join in a very special photo shoot organised by Teresa C Photography.  With a suppliers list which read like every couple’s dream wish list, who was I say to no?  This was the perfect opportunity to get our Edison Lights out to shine.  They look stunning with the strings of orchids and hanging tea lights from Red floral.  They also really compliment the festoon lighting which was strung down the path.  Imagine walking down that path towards a hanging feature of Edison’s where you stand to have your ceremony… Truly stunning wedding lighting.

Ladies and gents, may I present ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, as imagined by Teresa, Red Floral Architecture, Eleventh Heaven , Cookie Couture , Knutsford Wedding Gallery, Flossy and Leigh, and not to forget the film from Marry Me Films.  Take a minute to have a look here, they really show the lights off beautifully.  And you lucky folks will get to see Mr TT.





To find out more about hiring the Edison lights and Festoons please contact us

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