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Chandeliers for wedding hire


The more observant amongst you will notice we have been adding to our hire collection.  But, in case you missed them, I thought I would show them off here for you. Because, you know, they’re worth it.  We are often asked to add lights or random styling pieces to our collection, but unless we can either make it (And love it), or source it to our exacting standards, we don’t.

We have been asked a few times about chandeliers, but I must confess, I am not a fan of the traditional ‘arm’ type.  Rarely do I see one and wish it hung in my house.  I much prefer the tear drop shaped ones, or something so outrageous it blows my mind.  You know the ones – the £5000 cut glass, need a lorry to move it type.  As of yet we don’t own a lorry, but we do have space for these pretty chandeliers, which are perfect to hang directly above your tables, or down your aisle.  They are pretty, delicate, and add the right amount of shimmer for your wedding.  We are still on the look out for other complimentary styles too, so if you spy any, let us know!

We have been looking at ways of further personalising your wedding too, and are proud to introduce our new perspex signs.  There’s a bit of a story to these… We originally ordered the acrylic as clear bases for a set of LOVE letters.  However, they didn’t arrive in time for the wedding they were intended for.  Once they did arrive I felt they were far too lovely to be stuck on the floor.  So they sat around. And they got in the way. And I still didn’t know what to do with them.  Until I met a lovely lady who creates laser cut words. And then it all became clear.  Pun intended.

The best thing about these is, you can either have the quotes we already have, or you can commission your own.  When you do this, you also buy the sign, so you have a permanent reminder of your big day on your wall.  We have one hanging in our lounge and we get many admirers. (Of the sign – not us, you understand).  Oh, and you don’t need to be getting married for this one – you can just order one as a gift and we will ship it out to you.

wedding disco

**The disco balls are NEW too – and available to hire**

Lastly, we have also introduced our ‘Little Stars’.  These little beauties were requested by a couple, and well, we just can’t get enough of our BIG star, so we were more than happy to make them. Excuse the photo, it is all I have for now.  Currently there are 2 new stars, one at 2 foot and one at 3 foot,  You can add them to your existing booking if you want. The smallest is pictured below, as you can see, it is ideal for lighting up little nooks, with the bigger one brilliant for the back of bar or behind a cake.

So, that’s it, a quick round up of our latest additions.  If you are interested in hiring any, or adding them to your package to make your wedding decor truly personal to you an your partner, please contact us.

Take care, my poppets.


Photos – apart from the last one – thanks to Tiree Dawson Photography

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