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If you have seen any of our shoots in the past, you know we don’t shy away from something more unusual.  As much as we love a beautiful white wedding, when it comes to styled shoots we love to try something a little different.  We adore pushing our selves to the limit, and this shoot was no exception.


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Models, Erin and Crystal


Kirklinton Hall is a 17th Century ruin, set in rambling grounds with a rich history.  The main hall is now topless (!) and despite being in the middle of nowhere it was once a casino, hosting wild parties for the rich and famous (The Kray twins, along with Babs were rumoured to use it as a bolthole) and of course, once we heard this there was no stopping us.  Now – don’t be mislead.  The hall is in mid-transformation, and if you are the kind of couple who wants everything polished, this is not the place for you.  If you are the kind of couple who loves that there is a pig palace on site, the light in the area you can party is sublime, a river running through the grounds and a ‘anything goes’ attitude, this is the place.

So, lets talk concepts. Disco. The wild, heady days of Studio 54, where the glam once gathered and partied all night.  It’s probably not the first theme to spring to mind when you think about weddings.  Actually, it’s probably not the first thing to spring to mind for most people.  Ever.  But, we are loving all the 70s and 80s influences coming through in hair and make up at the moment, plus we had recently got some disco balls we wanted to experiment with, so it seemed like a fabulous opportunity.  The team we chose – Aimee Chorley on make up, Gareth from Aqua the Salon, the Legend girls on dresses were all really up for something a little c-r-a-z-y.  Add in the ever affable Kevin from Brackens of Bowness and a new-to-shoots Janet from Wilde and Romantic, and you have a shoot.  Our fabulous models,Crystal and Erin took the bull by the horns and danced the day away.  I think we pulled it off – a 2017 take on 1977, let us know what you think.

Yes, we even made a glow stick backdrop.

Remember, it’s not about what you ‘should’ do at a wedding – marry your partner is about the only legal requirement, but what you want to do.  If it feels true to throw a finger pointing, shape throwing, shining bright coloured party, then do it.  After a couple of Babychams everyone will be straight on the dance floor, reminiscing about school discos and first loves.  What a way to celebrate.




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