To be honest, when we first started out I had no idea whether people would want to hire 6 foot high lit letters for their weddings.  I was heard saying ‘If we take 10 bookings I will be happy.’, what little I knew – on one particularly busy weekend we managed 9 events, so my 10 weddings was all but achieved instantly.  Little did I expect in our first year we would appear on several blogs and magazines.  It seems we are onto a winner.


One day I received contact from Sue White , who had seen BIG DANCE at Papa Kata’s Christmas party and wondered if we were free for a ‘celebrity wedding’.  I have to admit, I’m not really ‘up’ with the celebrity scene, but a little bit of me did a jig.  And so, a few months later we found ourselves signing confidentiality agreements for HELLO! magazine for this wonderful wedding, photo below.  Mr TT is even less impressed by all things celebrity, but even he came home bouncing after ‘Danny from McFly‘ had played his guitar…


Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Jones, we wish you a long and happy life together!



New lights are coming