Some time in December we received a message that went a little like this ‘Hi, I know you supplied the BIG LOVE letters for Danny and Georgia’s wedding, I was just wondering if you had a BIG 2015 for a photo shoot available?’

After a bit of excited dancing and whooping I realised that actually, no, we didn’t have the correct numbers.  So, a bit of ‘nice smiling’ at Mr TT and ten minutes later I was emailing Hello! back with a ‘yes, of course we do, we would love to attend your hush-hush photo shoot.’  Then commenced a lot of late nights making the numbers, a suggestion the STAR should go too once we realised the name of the shoot, and a very long trek to London for Mr TT for the photo shoot.

Yesterday the issue came out – and we could not be happier.  6 whole pages of us and some new, shiny young stars. We feel 2015 is going to be a BIG year and although we have no idea what may come next, we know it’s going to be good.

Here are a few snaps of our appearance – we now have 6 copies so should you wish to have a real look pop over and we will be only too happy to show you!

Have a good day lovelies,


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