Park House Barn Wedding//Danielle and Jonny

Festoon and chandeliers for a barn wedding

Hello gorgeous ones!

We have a real treat for you today.  Some of the first photos I spied on Instagram of this wedding were of the cocktail centrepieces on each table.  I knew right at that moment Jonny and Danielle had held the kind of wedding everyone wishes they attended.  The kind of laid back, fun filled, loved up wedding that people are reminiscing about for years to come.

These bright stars found us via a recommendation from Amanda, who also had her wedding at Park House Barn.

We ended up with a beautifully decorated wedding venue because we listened to advice from other people.
Mainly our friend Amanda, who was married at the same venue the year before we were. She recommended Typical Type for our festoon lighting across the dancefloor area and it’s one of the best decisions we made as it was EXACTLY how we pictured it would look, finished everything off really nicely and people complimented it all day and night! Plus the level of customer service was top notch – even with a bit of a disaster on the day of delivering the lights with a broken van the boys still turned up and stayed til gone 9pm to make sure it was all perfect!”

Yep – sometimes things just happen.  I have to admit, I almost didn’t include the bit about the van, but in the end I felt it would be dishonest to pretend nothing ever goes wrong.  Occasionally things do, it’s inevitable, but I think as a couple looking to find the best suppliers you also need to know what happens if something does go a bit wrong.  On this occasion we were setting up the day before, so the boys (Mr TT and Liam) worked until it was finished.  So far, over 4 summers we have never let a couple down and we intend to keep it this way.

Anyhoooo, I digress… So, back to this wedding.  Danielle has kindly taken the time to send over some words of wisdom, which I will share with you.  But, even if you read NO further, I had to include this little snippet from the groom, Jonny.  “he said to make sure I told you that even though he was the one to propose he just saw weddings as a piece of paper and a massive party afterwards. But now we’ve gone and done it he realises it’s so much more than that and it brings you so much closer together as a couple”

No, you’re crying.

Black and white groom portrait

Right, now we have had that moment, it’s back to Danni to share her wisdom.  And she is wise indeed. First up, no matter how many times we hear it, we all need reminding…

This is one day of your life you will never get to do again so just relax and enjoy every second because it’s true what they say – it absolutely flies by and its over before you know it!!

Me and Jonny are both very musical, I sing and he plays pretty much every instrument going!! So we wanted something different on the wedding day. We performed a song ourselves for our guests, had the first silent disco Park House Barn had seen and made the whole day of entertainment into an open mic session where all of our other musical friends (who were guests at the wedding) could get up and have a sing song!
We also thought having cocktail dispensers as our centrepieces instead of flowers and mason drinking jars as favours instead of something people won’t keep would go down a treat (and they did) 
Our tables were all named after something to do with the people sat on that table too – my grandads catchphrase to remember him for my Dads table, Jonny’s old band name for all his band friends and a little something to remember Jonny’s grandad on his Mum’s table.
I love afternoon tea and Jonny loves a good bbq! So that’s what we did for the catering for the day instead of a 3 course sit down meal and it worked really well! People really enjoyed something different so it totally paid off and was a much cheaper option for us with having 175 guests at the wedding!!! “


Make sure you have some time together on the day – it’s for both of you to enjoy! We made a conscious effort to spend plenty of time together greeting guests, having a dance and photographs taken and we are so glad we did because we have so many memories together to look back on now!
If people aren’t raving about them – don’t choose them! We have THE BEST photos we could have wished for because we were lucky enough to have the most sought after photographer in our area. The same can be said for our flowers supplied by my wonderful friend Lauren. Things like this should not be cheap in my opinion! You pay for what you get so if getting the photographer or flowers of your dreams means making cut backs elsewhere – do it!!!
One of the main bits of feedback we got for our wedding day was the attention to detail. Remembering things like if we had vegetarian and vegan guests and providing different options for them (perfectly catered for by both caterers I might add) 
Plus providing drinks for the children, drinks at the bar you know your guests will enjoy, different drinks options for pregnant ladies, handmade tags for seating, handmade bunting made by ourselves, photos to remember absent friends and little personalised signs dotted around really helped to make the day more about us!

Don’t be too laid back thinking you have bags of time to sort everything – things creep up on you and some things all need doing at the same time so it’s best to start early!
Things like gift boxes for your bridesmaids/ushers can be sorted in advance (Jonny didn’t sort his ushers boxes until 2 days before the wedding and on top of everything else he was close to a breakdown yet I was all smug as mine had been done months and months beforehand haha)
We decorated and handmade a lot of things ourselves and bought things rather than hiring them. This worked well for our venue and it’s a complete blank canvas for you to add to! Me and my bridesmaids made bunting, pom poms, signs, paper fans, flower boxes, table plans, place cards to tie to our mason jars.
This made everything a lot more affordable so even if you aren’t that creative it’s definitely worth looking into and people really appreciate the personal touch it brings to the day!
I got bridesmaid shoes and bags in a sale and found gorgeous dresses online for a lot cheaper than what they have in bridal shops. Jonny did the same for his ushers suits and spend a LOT less than he first anticipated. Considering we had such a tribe of a wedding party it was very lucky we found such good deals on things like this!
We also found a good deal on our wedding invitations too online so that’s definitely worth looking into!

I spent the last 2 weeks running up to the wedding in a giant ball of stress about really silly things I couldn’t control. Just remember what the day is actually about and who it is about and you can’t go wrong! Have time to chill together on the run up to the big day too – it really helps!!
Thank you SO much Danielle for sharing so much with us.  In case it passed you by, this talented pair PERFORMED at their own wedding.   And here they are.  They are just adorable. And it was their LAST EVER GIG.




Photos thanks to Erin Browne Photography

Festoon lighting – Typical Type – best swag in town haha 😉
Curtain of fairy lights (across back wall) – Emma Jane Events
Flowers – Bluebell and Ivy
Afternoon Tea – Very Vintage Affair
Hog Roast – Borders Hog Roast
Silent Disco – Silent Disco Direct
Chiviari Chairs – Chairman Hire Company
Cake – Kayleigh’s Cakes
DJ – Ryan Fallon
Evening Band – Shed Sessions
Photographer – Erin Browne
Hair – Ebony, Ben and Poppy – The Priory
Make Up – Nadine Pratt, Emma Fleming and Jenny Green
Wedding Dress – Marrime (Kendal)
Bridesmaid Dresses – TFNC (online through ASOS)
Suits – Slaters
Vintage Coach – Cumbria Classic Coaches


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