Peckforton Castle Wedding//Cheshire

Hello lovelies!

It’s ‘Real Wedding’ time again here at Typical Type Towers. This one is a little different today.  Sarah kindly sent me masses of details about all of her suppliers – and initially I skimmed over it all – annoyed that their company didn’t deliver 20 of the required chairs.  Apart from that it was all as expected.  Jewellery as gifts, a brand new, non working watch, laughter, pregnant bridesmaids and even a pregnant photographer. (The list of suppliers is at the bottom of the blog);

Then I carried on reading – and I realised that this was anything but a ‘standard’ wedding.  In Sarah’s own words, as mine wont do her justice, this is their story.

‘David and I have a unique love story. We have known each other since 1991 because we were at school together. We first got together in our early 20s but it fizzled out. David worked hard at becoming an architectural technologist and I became a police officer and we built our separate lives. David married Catherine and they produced Rhys and Lily. Catherine died shortly after Lily was born from cancer.’

‘David and I bumped into each other at the Races on my birthday in 2015. I was actually on a date!! A few weeks later he took me on our first date and we had our second first kiss. 6 days later I had moved in and 3 months later we were engaged. It was instant. Rhys and Lily were 5 and 2 when I first met them. They told me that I was their new mum. When I came back from my hen do they had written me a card asking me to adopt them. Of course I said yes and we are currently going through the adoption process.’

‘Anyway that’s probably far more information than you wanted but I wanted to tell you how special my fairy tale, happy ever after is.’

Oh Sarah – you couldn’t be more wrong, I loved reading your story. It reminded me that every couple has their own unique story, their tale to share with the world.  We wish you all the best as the Ineson family and are so happy you re-found each other again.


Photos thanks to Carla Blain Photography

Suppliers – Flowers, Red Floral Architecture,  Dress Ronald Joyce, Bridesmaid Dresses Asos, Flower Girl Monsoon, Menswear Whitfield and Ware, Divinty Gospel Choir, Hipswing Entertainment, Emz Cakes, Favours – Cancer Research

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