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Hello my lovelies!
Sometimes a wedding pops up on Social Media and you take note.  And then you realise it is a wedding you have supplied the lighting for it and your interest goes from ‘oh, that looks really nice’ to ‘OH MY GOD, it’s amaaaaaaazing’.  Then your lovely couple send you the photos and your mind blows.
I make NO apologies for the amount of photos I have down loaded to share with you, they are breathtaking.  Yes, partly this is down to Erin Browne, but it’s also testament to Katie and Jamie, who planned and executed this unique wedding.  I am always banging on and on about being true to yourselves as a couple.  And I am forever telling you about choosing the right suppliers.  And, looking at this wedding, there is a good reason for it – this is what it gets you.  (Take note… There are several of our recommended suppliers who worked on this wedding, they are they for good reason)
Thanks Katie and Jamie for sharing your wedding and plans with us, it’s a delight.
Originally I wanted to get married abroad, just with close friends and family and then celebrate with everyone when we returned to the UK. Jamie on the other hand was much more determined to get married at home and eventually persuaded me to look at venues. I knew it had to be something out of this world to steer me away from a beach wedding. The day we viewed Silverholme I knew that absolutely nothing else was going to compare and the excitement of wedding planning then kicked in.
The location was just perfect and most importantly, Silverholme gave us the flexibility of our families spending the whole weekend together which was really special to us. 
Everyone has been telling me that our wedding was completely ‘us’ which I love because we literally chose everything that we wanted and made everything so personal. It didn’t matter what anyone else thought. From the checkered suit, to the leather jacket and the BBQ wedding breakfast, you wouldn’t call it a conventional wedding but it really was unapologetically ‘us.’ 
The flowers were my highest priority in the planning. They set the tone of the day and Flower Design created the most beautiful wild, rustic, autumnal forest using stunning enchanted tress. I think a lot of brides to be think of the flowers as a minor part of the day but remember that this is what creates your colour scheme and reflects the formality of the day.
And how could we ever forget the magical Edison chandelier dressed with a crown of fresh foliage! It wasn’t something we had seen done before so the trust in our suppliers was important. We created a mood board for our florist and it was the best idea ever. It really made us get organised, make decisions and create the overall look we were aiming for.
It’s important to make your wedding personal but at the same time, your suppliers are there to help you as they have so much experience in weddings. So ask questions, take their advice and don’t just settle for the cheapest options to save money.
Having peace of mind because of all the amazing suppliers we chose was worth every penny. One thing money couldn’t buy though was the weather, we were unbelievably lucky and had such a beautiful day. We packed for every weather possibility just in case – including wellies, brollies, walking boots, rain coats. Nothing was going to stop us from getting the perfect photos and making the most of the incredible location. And with Erin as our fabulous photographer we knew we had to be prepared!! 
Jamie hand painted all of our signs, our table plan and even customised my Wifey jacket. It was important to us to get involved in every little detail. We had so much fun with our plans and it really came across on the day.
So my advice to future brides would be to just enjoy every minute. Im now looking at other people’s weddings wishing it was us all over again. It really does go as fast as everyone says it does so make it the best day of your life!
Venue: Silverholme
Tipis: Special Events Tipis
Lighting: Typical Type
Catering: Campbell & Rowley 
Flowers: Flower Design 
Wedding dress: Claire Pettibone
Shoes: Harriet Wilde
Grooms suit: Noose & Monkey
Bridesmaid dresses: ASOS
Groomsmen suits: Burton
Hair: Jess Robinson @ Elegance
Makeup: Kay Booth
Wifey Jacket: New Look customised by the Groom
Signs: All handmade by the groom 
Band: Shed Sessions & Chloe Standing 

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