2020 Diary

Hello lovely people!

How the devil are you? Here we are, post summer 2017 wedding season and we are still standing! Whoooop.  We have been to many beautiful weddings, from Lancashire to Cumbria and Yorkshire, and even the odd foray into Cheshire.  We have set up festoons, Edisons, letters, fairy lights, hearts and stars, big weddings and small weddings, birthdays, charity do’s and Christenings.  We have covered thousands of miles and spent the odd night in the van.  We even managed to squeeze a holiday in, and we are still going.  Our next weekend off happens in November, we have loved it all and feel very lucky to be so in demand.

During all of this, we have somehow had time to chat about our future plans for Typical Type and how we can manage it more effectively.  What started as a ‘side hustle’ soon became our main and very successful income for both of us.  We love the creativity and the interaction with couples, venues and suppliers.  We don’t, however, love the working hours – regularly 60 plus a week, all year round.  We miss our weekends with the kids and we miss getting to attend functions as a couple.

We seriously considered selling up.

But then we realised that we have put a huge amount into building our business, not just time and money, but we have put ourselves into it.  So we are not for sale.  We are changing tack though.  From 2019 our intention is to limit the number and the type of weddings we supply dramatically. We are hoping to cut our work down to 1/3 of what we have done in previous years to allow ourselves to work on some unique, creative weddings.  We might be crazy, there is a chance we may change our mind, but for now that is the plan.  We have other projects, or ‘side hustles’ that we want to explore.

So, what does this mean to you, as a couple?  Well, hopefully not a lot.  We will still offer the same, amazing service.  We will still supply our stunning lighting and love creating new ideas with you.

However, we will only be taking two weddings a week.   Yep, you read that correctly! We believe this will allow us to keep Typical Type going for a long time, offering the very best to you.

Gosh, I feel a little like I have bared my soul to you all and we are taking a leap into the unknown.  But I do know, that last time we did this Typical Type was created, and boy it was worth the jump.

Megan and Darren xx

PS- 2019 diary is now open… contact us here to enquire about your day.



Photos thanks to Tiree Dawson Photography

Park House Barn Wedding//Danielle and Jonny
East Riddlesden Hall Wedding//Yorkshire