When Mr TT and I decided to get married he didn’t ask me, there was no grand gesture, no hot air balloons, violins or even flowers.  We had been together 7 years by then, a friend had become terminally ill and it made us think about what we really wanted in life.  Being married, uniting our whole family, and celebrating our love for one another was top of the list.  So, we went about organising our wedding – this was October and we were to marry in March.


All went swimmingly, the venue was booked, the registrar, dress found and rings too.  Then came along Christmas and the normal chaos that comes with four children.  I opened my presents and was keen to get dressed so I could start making our traditional brunch.  Mr TT had other ideas.  He wanted me to do a treasure hunt. A treasure hunt.  On Christmas day.  That was NOT part of my plan.  I moaned. I tried to explain that if I didn’t get the hash browns in the oven right at that very moment we would be late for everything.  Ungratefully I asked if I could do it later, or if the kids could do it for me.  No, he was insistent.  So I did it, fully expecting a bit of costume jewellery at the end of it.  I wandered around the house, decoding ever more obscure clues until eventually I was lead back to the Christmas tree and this:



It turns out Mr TT is a hopeless romantic after all.  He didn’t feel ‘right’ not officially asking me, so here was my proposal.

So, for those of you who get engaged this Christmas, you are in good company, do share your engagement stories below, we do love a good bit of romance!


Have a wonderful Christmas all,



Winter Wedding Shoot at Hipping Hall