Discounts//A Note

Hello!  A few years ago I wrote a blog about discounts and then forgot all about it.  Whilst searching through the blog to decide on which articles to keep I stumbled across it, and well, it seemed quite apt.  So, here it is again, a little re-written, but the message is still the same.

First things first, sorry to disappoint, but I’m not about to offer a lovely discount.  So, if you started to read this in the hope there would be a discount code at the end, there isn’t.  So you can stop reading now, I will save you from the next few paragraphs.

Now, for those of you who are still here, lets get to the nitty gritty.  There is barely a day goes by without someone asking for a discount, or something extra thrown in for free from us.  And there is hardly a day goes by without me feeling guilty and anxious about saying ‘no’ to those who ask.  And, if I am 100% honest, a small part of me wants to fire off a response along the lines of ‘If your boss asked you to come in to work for less, what would you do?’.  But I don’t.

I get it, I really do.  When you are arranging a wedding you start to research, and you are told to ask for discounts.  The magazines, blogs, friends and family, will all advise you to barter.  You hear along the grapevine that ‘Everyone inflates their prices the moment you mention weddings’, and you start to believe it.  As an industry we need to work hard at debunking this myth, and educating our couples on the true costs involved.  So many times self employed people massively under charge for their products because there is an unrealistic price expectation. We, as an industry, need to help our customers understand just what they are paying for and why.

I can tell you our prices are not inflated for weddings. There is an enormous amount of preparation which goes into supplying anything for a wedding, from cake to flowers, dresses to photography.  From our perspective, this preparation starts long, long before you have even heard of us.  Ever wondered where the letters and lights came from?  We designed and made the letters.  We were one of the first lit letter companies on the scene – the first to offer 6 foot, we even invented the font so it looked right with the lights we had carefully selected.  My husband makes every single one in our workshop.  However, it is not enough to have them sat in our (large and costly) workshop.  We need to let the world know about our amazing product.  So, we attend wedding fairs, photo shoots, we blog, we visit venues, we hustle and we hustle until we can’t do it any more.  And then we get up and do it all again.  But that’s just the start. Because once we have reached you, and shown you how a little sparkle can make a big difference to your day, our relationship with you begins.  A minimum of 10 emails for every couple – sometimes there are over 100.  PAT tests, insurance, venue contact, delivery, collecting, maintenance, vehicles and staff are all standard.  This transaction happens for every single customer,regardless of the day or date of your wedding,  and everyone of you receives our 5 star attention.  We don’t just turn up, bung some letters in your room and sod off. We invest in our business and truly appreciate it when you do too.

So, whilst you are  pinning on Pinterest, or idling away your hours on Instagram, remember this.  You can easily get married for less than £500. Honestly. You can pop to your local registry office and get married, heck you can even grab a bouquet and have a cocktail after for that price.  There is NO legal requirement to have ‘a wedding’.  But most of us want to celebrate and make an occasion of it.  So, if you do, choose the things you really, really want and have those.  Don’t get hung up on trying to have it all.  If you want it all, make sure you budget for it. You generally get what you pay for in weddings.  If you pay peanuts, the chances are you will get monkeys.

Do your research and find the people you really trust to make your day special.  It is your day, and you deserve the very best you can afford. Pick suppliers you trust and let them do what they are best at.  And remember, supporting your local community by employing a local supplier is a brilliant feeling.  I bet you will never use as many small, independent suppliers as you do when you planning your wedding.  Enjoy it, we are genuinely interested in, and have a love of, all things wedding.  And, please, please, think before asking for that discount.

Here endeth the lesson.








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