Wayyyyy  back at the end of 2013 a friend told me she uses Pinterest to make a board of her hopes, dreams and aspirations for the forthcoming year.  For a non-focussed drifter like me this sounded like a perfect plan.  2014 was fast approaching, we had our first wedding under our belt and it was becoming clear that my ‘Mummy’ days were over, we had a new baby on our hands.  All be it a large, 6 foot luminous LOVE baby.

So I set about creating this board, and I dreamt of holidays, new homes, garden offices.  I also dreamt of accountants, cleaners and 10 bookings. It seems that I am wildly optimistic in many areas and, well, shall we say I lack some ambition in some areas… 10 wedding soon became 30 and well, I can honestly say at one point I said to Mr TT ‘I suspect we might hit 100 weddings this year’.  We both looked at each other in a state of shock, our baby had become a teen over night.  For those of you who are interested, we passed 100 occasions in November, and next year we already have as many bookings, so we will be employing in the Spring.

It’s the time of year where I have started my new board, imaginatively called 2015.  You will see I have had to move lots over from 2014, it turns out running a good business is all consuming! Who knew?  I will be adding to it over the year as I think of things I want to achieve and making notes as I go along about progress – I recommend it as a modern day diary almost, if you do something similar do share below, a bit of moral support never go amiss.  If you don’t already have one, give it a go, you may be very surprised to discover what you really want to achieve, and it helped me realise how much I already have.

Have a brilliant New Year folks, and do keep in touch, I’m around but working less hours whilst the children are off, so will reply to you at a slower rate than normal.

To the futre,


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