This weeks rather amazing entry for our ‘top tips for couples’ is from Katie at KL Flowers over in Harrogate.  I first ‘met’ Katie on Twitter – a brilliant resource for couples, if you haven’t already had a look take a peep during #weddinghour  for some amazing suppliers.  Anyway, Katie stood out – she has style by the bucket-load, but she also cares deeply about what she does.  So, it came as no surprise when I received her ‘tips’ post that it is long and in depth. Katie will be the first to admit she likes to have a good old natter – but – I bet like me, you find her nattering is full of brilliant advice.  As I read her blog below I found myself thinking that actually, a lot of this advice could be applied to finding most of your wedding suppliers.  So – take heed and don’t say we aren’t generous with our information.

Happy reading – don’t forget to pop over and show Katie some LOVE too by sharing with any couples you think might appreciate the information.  Mx


Tips on finding your wedding florist..

So, you’ve been dreaming about your wedding for quite sometime, and flowers have always been present within your vision, but now the time has come to choose & book your florist.. and you’ve realised you have no idea how to start or even articulate what it is you want! Lets begin with the 2 things that will provide clarity for yourself and your future wedding florist.

Work out your Budget

Sit down and work out how much you can afford to spend on your flowers. This can be done very mathematically or by working out what is really important to you as a couple. Approaching your favourite florist with your figure is the best way, not only are you saving heaps of time and many emails back and forth, but you’re giving them the opportunity to create a proposal that is bespoke to your needs and budget. By not divulging this information, it’s like asking your florist to get dressed in the dark.

And your style…

Another thing to consider before approaching any florist is which is your wedding style? If its all about clean and sleek with show-stopping arrangements of white orchids then you probably wouldn’t approach a florist who is all about the natural, country garden style. So it does make sense to establish your dream wedding style by using the best platform ever, Pinterest of course! Create a wedding flower board, pin all your favourite blooms and designs you’re drawn to and share with your florist.  Or, better yet, invite your florist to pin with you! This step is invaluable to me, I’m literally seeing into the minds of my couples and neither of us have to try think of words to describe our ideas, I can see what they want before my very eyes!


So now you’ve got some clarity on what you want, the next thing is to research in the local area & gather details of florists who seem a good match to your desired style. Some florists don’t show prices on their site but don’t let that scare you off. There are a few things to consider when you’re looking up potential wedding florists;


An up-to-date website is always a must, with beautiful images and client reviews. You could also find out which venues they’ve worked at…perhaps you’re looking at a floral designer who works closely with your chosen venue, or perhaps bringing in a florist who hasn’t worked there could bring something unique to the drawing board.  Again this comes down to personal preference and what you feel comfortable with.


Social proof

Checking out a few of the social media platforms of your prospective florists or wedding suppliers can also be incredibly beneficial.  Not only for checking their popularity, but for seeing what they’re past and current projects and collaborations are.  See how they communicate with their followers… do they have a cheeky side that you appreciate, do they offer advice, do they have similar outlook on life?? It may seem weird but don’t forget that establishing a human connection with your chosen wedding professionals can be hugely gratifying for both parties. Because lets face it planning a wedding can be stressful so finding a florist that you know you can trust, be honest with and also have a bit of banter with can really make all the difference to take the edge off the fact you’re planning your most important day.


Face to face

So be sure to arrange that initial meeting to discuss your flowers face to face, you want to be confident with their ability to create flowers that you will love. But also look for that connection, maybe they show genuine interest in your story or perhaps you find you’ve got something in common.  It can be the smallest thing which breaks the ice and makes the difference from a cold business transaction to working with someone you share common ground with.  You appreciate one another’s opinions and you know you can count on them for advice and support. Personally, I love this part of my job of getting to know different people.. I recently went round to one of my current clients home and the interior totally summed up their whole wedding day.. think vintage hideaway, it was very stunning. And it’s just added to my understanding of what she is envisioning for her day, its exciting!



And finally – be faithful to your heart

So hopefully you’ve found a florist that you have a connection with and feel you can work together to achieve the style you really want.  You should be truthful about the kinds of flowers you really want and the expectations you have from the start.  So many bloggers dish out advice on how to cut costs by choosing less expensive flowers like gypsophila and many couples follow this advice without even expressing what they really want! And it’s a real shame because you’re missing out on the wonderful knowledge ans expertise of your florist, not to mention all the other incredible flowers out there! Of course, budget is always restricting in some way but having the conservation about your favourite stems & what you really love increases the chance of sparking off new ideas and ultimately you getting beautiful bespoke floral designs for your wedding day.

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