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Today we are sharing with you our advice about things to consider when choosing your lighting.   It’s an old blog I have revisited as we have lots of enquiries along the lines of ‘We REALLY want some lighting, but we don’t know what we want’  Or ‘I love your Instagram and we would love to use you, but we don’t know where to start’.’  First things first.  Pinterest.  Yes, I know it can result in lots of weddings looking the same, but it is a perfect place to store your ideas so we can understand the look you are interested in. Don’t be afraid, share all your wildest dreams, if you don’t let us know we can’t create it.

So, without further ado, I present to you my 5 top tips on lighting…

Natural light is king

When looking at venues think like an estate agent – is ‘natural light a feature’?  Do the windows let in ‘lots of natural light’? (Seriously, I have read both of those sentences many times from genuine house details) If you find a venue with some gorgeous, gentle light your photographer will love you, as will your guests.  I know it can be hard in some of the older venues with their titchy windows, but if that it the case make sure they have somewhere you can take at least a handful of photos in the light.  And if dark and cosy really is your thing, there are some amazing photographers out there who can create masterpieces from the tiniest shaft of light – make sure you use one of them.

Additional lighting is Queen

If natural light is King, additional lighting is truly Queen.  Adding warmth and ambience to a room, wrapping up your guests in a warm fuzzy glow or standing loud and proud, lighting has moved on from the merely functional.  It will come as no surprise that we are BIG fans of additional lighting over here, at Typical Type.  We adore everything from lamps, chandeliers and festoons to candles, fairy lights and of course BIG LOVE.  We are delighted that lighting has become an integral part of a couples plans and should you need any inspiration take a little look here.

Down lighters are the work of the Devil

OK, maybe not, but if you are keen not to look like a Halloween mask on your special day try to avoid standing directly under spotlights for your ceremony, photos or even during your meal.  I know, I know, I sound really picky, but you have spent all of the time and energy looking your best, avoiding a few harsh shadows is really not that much to ask.  If your venue has them – ask them to turn them down during the ceremony – or think about providing some additional, more flattering lighting.  However – don’t be afraid of a few directional lights!


Coloured lights are the enemy

Whilst researching this post I asked on my private Facebook page ‘Photographers, what lighting do you love or hate for weddings’ and they ALL disliked coloured spot lights, uplighters and washes.  Now – before you all get up in arms and declare you love to match your lighting to your colour theme – I get it.  I love it when there are uplighters behind our letters, they look amazing.  BUT – unless you want your guests to look like Ompah Lompahs or Violet Beauregarde keep them to a minimum and generally aimed at walls!  On the flip side, they all loved candles, fairy lights, additional lighting during the first dance is a real help, apparently, so knock yourself dead.  Take a look here, if you need convincing…

Be brave and be bold

To me, the difference between a really nice house and am ‘Oh my god I WANT to live here’ can often be the lighting.  It’s the same for weddings.  I literally want to be at the wedding with the millions of candles, the fairy lights and BIG letters.  The chandeliers and sparklers, the raving glow sticks in the dark.  Think about how lighting effects you every day – from the moment you wake up to the second you turn off the lights before sleep it is there all the time.  This is how you should think about it during your wedding.  I know – I am perhaps more passionate than most – but do yourself a favour and spend at least 5 minutes thinking about it during your planning stages.


So, that’s it.  A little bit of our knowledge shared with you.  Don’t forget to share the LOVE with anyone you think may need it – according to my daughter ‘It’s kind to share’ (I have noticed this is a one-way kindness when it comes to chocolate though).


Photo Credits – Tobiah Tayo, Toast of Leeds, Tiree Dawson, Rachel Hayton


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