Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not about to offer you one!  There is barely a day goes by without someone asking for a discount, or something extra thrown in for free from us.  And there is barely a day goes by without me feeling guilty and anxious about saying ‘no’ to those who ask.


I get it, I really do.  When you are arranging a wedding (Or party) you are told to ask for discounts.  You hear along the grapevine that ‘Everyone inflates their prices the moment you mention weddings’, day after day you sit on Pinterest pinning the wedding of your dreams and suddenly you think ‘It’s my special day, I’m only doing it once, I will have everything I ever wanted.’  You see, I was a bride too, before we had a business and I would have done just the same, but now I’m on the other side I am much more aware of the effects asking for a discount can have.


Contrary to popular belief, we (And most other suppliers) do not put up their prices for weddings.  We neither put them up during peak times or down during quieter times.  Everyone pays the same, regardless of the occasion or time of year.  We don’t do sales, or special offers to newbies.  You are all treated the same, you all get the same service, the same care and attention and the same letters.  If you think that’s a little strange, that’s fine, but try to remember this is our business, our work – I am sure if someone asked you to turn up to work but they were going to pay you less – you would be rather inclined to say no too.


We often get emails along the following lines too ‘I really love you letters, and want them to be part of our day, but we just can’t afford them, can you do them cheaper?’  That is a ‘no’ too I’m afraid.  We all want everything to be just perfect on our wedding day, but sadly sometimes our budgets just don’t stretch to include everything.  My advice – chose the things you really, really want and have those.  Don’t get hung up on trying to have it all.  I realise I sound like I am talking us out of potential business here, but that’s the kind of person I am – honest! The price we charge doesn’t just cover the ‘on the day hire’, but all the other work that has happened BEFORE you even booked them and afterwards too.  It covers the building and maintenance, the insurance, the contact you have with me and the contact I have with your venue.  It covers our PAT tests, warehouse space and advertising.  Without being able to pay for all of these we wouldn’t exist, so this is why we stick to our prices.  It’s tough when people occasionally don’t book us because they can’t stretch their budgets, I genuinely want to help, but I also know that in doing so I am putting our business at risk.


As usual I have rambled on – there is so much more I could talk about on this subject – but I will save those thoughts for another post!  Thank you ALL who have supported us, by using a small business you have really helped not just us, but our local community too.  You have stopped the big corporations profiting and helped us to grow, we honestly can not thank you enough for that.  Weddings are one of the few moments in your life where you will tend to use small businesses – please continue your support without asking them to reduce their prices and devaluing their products.


Thanks for reading,


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