So, here’s the thing, launching a brand new business is scary. Like the first day at school, or that first date with the person you have fancied for ages; simultaneously causing both those butterflies and a need to be sick all at once.  ‘Will the other’s notice me?’  ‘Will they like me?’  ‘What if this was one colossal mistake?’  ‘What if it’s love at first sight and it all becomes too much?’ See, it’s a minefield.  But then there’s a little voice at the back of your head which says ‘Just do it.  You love it, others will.  Do it with pride and love and the best you can’.  And off you go, spreading the word (Literally, in our case!) and letting the world know about your passion.

Then the world responds.  For us, our passion shone through, the attention to detail and high standards we apply to our work must have been apparent to others.  We attracted some of the best fellow suppliers in the wedding business to work along side and have been very lucky to continue working with them.  Recently we came across some extremely poor replicas of our letters – from the moment we launched they have been copied – but rarely do we see them up close.  The ones we saw were shocking.  There was tape on them, holding them together.  They were scuffed, marked, had lights missing and were, quite frankly not only ugly but dangerous.  It made me sad and angry that a supplier would think it was OK to send a sub-standard set of letters out for someone’s special day.  So, be careful with who you ask to supply items for your wedding, be it letters, flowers, clothing or photos – there are some amazing people out there, supplying some wonderful weddings.  Do your homework and see who your suppliers work with – find out if others recommend them, you will not find a more critical and honest lot than wedding suppliers!

And all of this leads me to today’s photos.  Right back at the beginning we ‘met’ Darby and Joan Vintage, right after they had won an award for being ‘National Wedding Stylists’.  Although they are based in The Midlands, we were delighted to be asked to go on a photo shoot with them.  There are NO dodgy suppliers in this shoot, that I can assure you!

Have a look and enjoy.  And do let us know if you find a FABULOUS supplier in our comments below, we don’t believe in ‘naming and shaming’, but we do believe in sharing the love for the good ones.

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Photographer : Emma Cleveley Photography

Stylist and Co-ordination: Darby and Joan

Flowers: Tineke Floral Designs

Venue: Amalfi White

Dresses and Accesories: Timeless couture

Stationery: Best Day Ever

Hair: James White

Make up: Cristina Lazzarotto


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