7 Stunning Ways to Style Light Up Letters at Your Event

Say it in lights – it guarantees whimsy, romance and style by the bucket load. But how can you make the trend for big light up letters your own? Read on for seven ways to work the trend for a one-of-a-kind event.

1 Stack it

So often, we see big light up letters styled horizontally. And it looks great! But by stacking your illuminated words, one above the other, you can instantly give your letters a unique twist. Team up your titles and add a custom finish with an initial or two – perfect for your engagement party or dream day.

2 Blow it up

Combining oversized numbers or letters, glittering with lights, with a surround of colour coordinated balloons guarantees to take your installation to the next level. Tie in with your colour scheme to celebrate a big birthday. This one’s also perfect for a baby shower gender reveal!

3 Deconstruct it

Another take on the big light up letters theme is to go big on letter and lighting installations – but not all in one. Picture oversized, rustic lettering signing the way to the bar or dance floor, finished with a cascade of Edison bulbs casting them aglow.

4 More is more

If big light up letters have whet your appetite for the possibilities of playing with light, then why stop there? Team them with fairy light chandeliers, a dangling dance of exposed bulbs, reams and reams of festoons. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless!

5 Go for the glow

An irresistibly retro twist on the trend, swap oversized lettering for your own neon lights. Celebrate the occasion with a fluorescent twist – we’ll help you style it from birthdays to baby showers, engagement parties to the big day.

6 Go big or go home

There are big light up letters, and then there are really big. You know the difference I’m talking about: metre high letters simply won’t make the same statement as those that are full height. Plus, the bigger the better as backdrops for your photos.

7 Starry eyed

Remember that big light up letters need not be letters alone. Embrace your playful side and throw in a love heart, a star or two and take the effect a sparkle further. Just a few lights go a long way to transforming your venue.

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