Embrace your style, evoke an era, surprise your guests or set the tone. You can do it all with our pick of seven of the prettiest event lighting hire trends for this season.

Turn the tables

So often, the focus of event decor is what you look down at. Flower petals adorning an aisle, floral arrangements overflowing from tables, jam jars filled with candles flickering from the staircase… But what if you turned your attention skywards in a way that will truly wow your guests?

Play with Instagram-worthy styles like suspended Edison bulbs draped effortlessly above abundant trestle tables. Luxe chandeliers with light that dances out across the space, indoors or out. Or, bespoke lighting installations woven into the fabric of your venue, or floating floral features, to ensure every detail you dream of truly shines. Make it happen with bespoke event lighting hire.


Colour me pretty

Couples often come to us hoping to transform a blank canvas venue, and one of the most effective ways to do it is with lighting. Set the tone with softly coloured uplighters echoing your colour scheme, or quite literally light up the show, using coloured uplighters to showcase a gender reveal!

More is more

One of the biggest event lighting trends for 2022 is to go maximalist with your approach. Fairy-light chandeliers that cascade from the eaves right down the ground level. A sea of floating illuminated orbs filling the ceiling. An over-sized chandelier to form a statement piece. You’ve got something to celebrate, and we’ll help you do it in a big way.

Pop up chandeliers
Pop up

Switch back time

With a retro theme! Nothing says surprise better than neon lights, making them the perfect choice for a cute and quirky baby shower gender reveal, or as a special touch to add shine to a birthday cake or dessert table. Choose from our hand-curated collection of wordings or write your own!

Gazebos aglow

Perhaps your venue has its own private pier overlooking a lake, or an enchanting garden gazebo in which to make your vows? So often the first choice for the ceremony, these beautiful features tend to be overlooked as day turns to night. But, with some carefully chosen lighting, they can become stunning night time features. Picture them as the perfect backdrop for a fairy-tale first dance, or for starlit photos for two.

In the spotlight

Event lighting hire isn’t all about the big features, though. Subtle up lights, down lights and spotlights can illuminate some of your venue’s dreamiest features, from romantic alcoves filled with flowers, to grand fireplaces or personalised signage.

Bespoke bulbs

One size does not fit all when it comes to events, whether baby showers or birthdays, weddings or engagement parties. You pour so much personality and thought into the planning, so don’t dismiss the way your occasion is lit. Event lighting hire makes your dreams possible, so there’s no need to settle for what the venue offers as standard. Choose the bulb size, height, position, colour. One huge statement piece or a hundred twinkling bulbs. You dream it and we’ll light it here at Typical Type.


Discover the possibilities with our dreamy lighting solutions to light your day, your way.

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