Get the inside scoop on the perks and pitfalls of DIYing your wedding, from sourcing the dreamiest pieces from Yorkshire event furniture hire, to knowing when to let go.

1 Decisions, decisions

DIYing your Yorkshire wedding is for the couples who want to be involved in every decision that makes the day your own.

If you want to style every step, then don’t take a back seat in your decor decisions.

From choosing the perfect chairs ( cross backs we’re looking at you), to installing flawless finishing touches, by DIYing your wedding you can handpick the best of Yorkshire event furniture hire.

2 Doing it in style

For a long time, a DIY wedding meant all things homespun and handmade. And for the couples who nail that, we salute you! Getting creative can be a super fun part of the planning process – but the possibilities to DIY don’t end there.

Doing it yourself can also mean carving your own path and selecting your own favourite finishing touches, rather than running with your venue’s standard offering. It gives you the chance to add your personality, with or without getting your hands dirty!

3 Aim hire

Elevate your occasion by bringing in only the best for the event! By DIYing your wedding, you get free rein on the look and feel of your special day. Now you might be thinking that customisation comes at a cost, but by hiring rather than buying your cross back chairs, vintage ladders and glittering chandeliers, you can make your budget go further and get the personal look you love. We’re pros at Yorkshire event furniture hire. Put us to work for you!

4 Enjoy the ride

That evening you spent with your best girls pouring your own candle favours? The date night you shared with your spouse-to-be sipping bubbles to perfect your Champagne reception? These are the memories you’ll hang onto. DIYing your wedding means you can enjoy the journey as well as the day.

5 Scent-sational

DIYing your Yorkshire wedding gives you the unique opportunity to totally immerse your guests in the celebrations. Think stunning visuals with blooms and lighting and furniture hire. Moreish tastes with a pop-up gin station and one-of-a-kind menu. Dreamy scents that drift through the day, from ceremony to sundown, and forever whisk you back to those moments. Creating a signature scent for diffusers or candles is an understated but oh-so magical addition to do your day, your way.

6 Invest in the best

By adding your own stamp to your Yorkshire wedding, you can also make your budget go further. How? By investing in what matters most to you and not splurging on extras you simply don’t need. Here at Typical Type, custom is what we do. That means we design the dream styling and lighting combo for you, and that’s all you pay for – there’s no need to settle for an off-the-shelf bundle, half of which you wouldn’t choose or use.

7 From the heart

It’s what the day is all about – the two of you and your love story together. It’s only natural to want the experience to reflect you personally, and by choosing each and every element that matters yourselves, you can inject all that personality and personal style into the celebrations. So when your guests arrive, their first thought is wow, and their second thought is it’s all you.

8 Lights, camera, action!

Gone are the days when all you could DIY were the table cloths and flower arrangements. The choice has never been better, with the chance to magic in glittering chandeliers or a dreamy sea of suspended bulbs seemingly overnight! Choose to go your own way with the lighting and we’ll step in to make the set up effortless.

9 Turn it up

Personalised choices aren’t limited to the preparations and decor. Why not DIY some of your wedding music too, creating a feel-good playlist full of nostalgia for your wedding morning and the perfect butterfly-inducing tracks for the final few moments before the big one.

10 The choice is yours

It’s not usual for couples who choose to DIY their Yorkshire wedding to feel daunted at some point. And that’s totally normal – you’re not professional event planners, after all! But the secret to a great DIY wedding is to know what to pick and choose. You don’t need to do it all, just the parts you’ll enjoy!

When it comes to the rest, trust your dream team of vendors to make it happen for you. We’re poised and ready to make your vision reality with Yorkshire event furniture hire that feels made for you. Get in touch.

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